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Business and entrepreneurship are only some of the sectors that technology assisted to advance and improve. Accordingly, many businessmen and bootstrappers saw the real value and significance of the internet to building and starting their small businesses. Hence, each one of these people is very much determined to learn and know how to build a free website for a small business.

Correspondingly, it shows that most of the successful small businesses started by simply creating their own free websites. Having a page or site on your own for your venture is largely beneficial in all aspects. Although many of us today think that creating websites is quite difficult, it has been found out that this process is very easy.

If you are planning to create and build your own website but does not know where to begin, here is a step-by-step process you could follow to guide you. It is important for you to note that you don’t need to be a tech-savvy in learning the steps and process of building your website.

One of the easiest methods to build a website is by using the wordpress platform. You can start creating your own free website here below:

Learning How To Build A Free Website For A Small Business

  1. Choosing The Most Appropriate Platform

Before you begin deciding what template or what themes and colors you would integrate into your website, you have to choose first what platform you will be utilizing. Basically, a platform is actually the place where you will be creating your website and there are quite a lot.

Numerous of web services and platforms today offer free tutorials and they ensured that all of the features are user-friendly. Few examples of these platforms are the WordPress, Google Blogger, Drupal, and Joomla. It will be according to your preferences on what platform to choose. It is advisable for beginners like you to choose WordPress above all since half of all the websites today are utilized in this platform.

  1. Finding a Host and Domain Name

Once you find your matched platform, there are two things you need. First, a domain name to name your website. And second, you need a host to connect your site to the internet.

Similarly, there are actually a lot of hosting services in the recent times. You just have to choose what you think will benefit you and your website most.

Although there are free domain names that you could use, it is still much preferrable for you to have your own domain name. While having your own domain name, it entails a few costs but this will cater more professional appearance. Few examples of a web hosting service and domain registrar is godaddy and bluehost.

  1. Setting Up Your Website

Now that you have purchased already your domain name and setup your hosting, the next thing to do is to integrate your website into the host. The guidelines and steps actually differ in some ways for every hosting service. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any idea in this matter since your chosen hosting service will provide you the right details on how to do this.

When you are done setting up your site, you may now proceed to designing your website by choosing templates and themes. All of these things are included already in your chosen platform and most of the time they are free. Once you already finish the designs and alike, you may now proceed to creating your contents and pages.

Creating Websites Is Easy!

In totality, when you learn the right steps on how to build a free website for a small business, you can easily start your own venture. By simply following the steps and guidelines, you can efficiently run a functional website in no time.