Online Users at Fifty and Above – A Quick Rundown on Their Interests

It’s a pleasant thing to see how us ‘seniors” as now increasing in population when it comes to online usage. Unlike before when others thought that the internet is a very alien thing and would not even have a chance of using it. Now, we use online for so many things and we enjoy every minute of it as well.

Of course, men has different taste, interests and hobbies as compared to women. So we can safely say that the “senior” batch of the online domain has common interest as well as differences. Let’s try to tackle them one by one to fully understand how internet usage for people over 50 go about the online interest online

How “Sliver Surfer” Seniors Increase By the Years

There has been a significant growth in numbers for “seniors” who are using the internet each year. According to a certain study, from the 2009 to 2011 time-frame, there has been a total of 150% increase on the use of internet by seniors at the age of 65 and above. This growth shows how willing and acceptable to change we are to the fast-paced internet world.

If broken down, the total 150% elderly population has two major reasons for using the internet. The first is using the web for daily usage such as online searching, errands and the likes. This comprises the 71% of the total 150% that was previously mentioned. Along with the daily use of the internet, the 71% is further broken down to a total of 34%. This percentage is solely used for social media purposes.

In an average of four people using the internet, there is one senior included in the count. It only goes to show that the elder portion of the community are much more confident and knowledgeable in using the web. It is safe to say that we are getting used it more and more as time passes on.

What Men and Women Both Search For

One of the main reasons why we still studied and learned how to use the internet before was to keep in touch with our loved ones. Especially those who are miles and miles away from us, social media is the easiest way to contact them.

That is why applications such as Skype, Messenger, Viber and the likes are a must for us. Not only is it free but at the same time you can even message, voice call and even video chat with them. It is also easy to use and understand which is perfect for us.

Other interest that the elderly population enjoy to search are leisurely thing. One good example are cruises and travel tours.  It’s only obvious that we are at the time of our lives where we need to enjoy the fruits of our labor and enjoy our life. What better way to do it than by going out and enjoy the scenery of the places that you would want to go to.

Another common search that both sexes search for are health related topics. They either look for causes of certain diseases or share their own experiences about it. They also use the web for bill payments, health insurances and the likes. It is easier for them to do a transaction and at the same time, they would not need to go outside to do it.

What Men and Women Prefer

When it comes to female interest, it mostly in line with beauty, fashion and household products. But the most searched among women interest onlinethe three is probably fashion. There is a growing trend of fashion online websites that cater to more mature audiences. Their target market are women with the age range of 65 and above.

Household amenities web searches are mostly on tips on how to do household chores more easily and cooking guidelines and recipes. The final topic usually focus on how they can maintain their youthful glow using all-natural ways.

Men on the other hand search for political topics, results of games and handy-man tips for household fixes. They are also mostly the ones who research for health related topics. Because of this, doctors made several applications and websites to help them with their queries.

According to a study conducted, majority of the elderly population who uses the internet is composed of men rather than women. Meaning, men are more actively participating in online searches. On the other hand, women are more active with social media as compared to men.

Regardless of who is more active when it comes to online access, what is important is that elderly clusters are actively participating in it. They are no longer afraid of the web. Instead, they use it for their advantage, comfort, and cure for their loneliness. Most especially, they use it to keep their loved ones close to them.

Reasons Why there is a Decline in Social Media Usage by Age 50 and Above

Life begins at forty, well that’s what the saying goes anyway. It’s the time of our lives when we can enjoy everything that our life has given us, including changes. But when I see adults in their early 50’s become a bit reluctant with social media, I cannot stop but wonder why. Maybe it’s because we think that we are “too old” for these new trends, internet, and online access.. But for me, social media should be our friend and not something we fear of.

I for one won’t give up in catching up to these “hip inventions” that the modern time offers. But according to some demographics on social media users, I am just a part of a minimal amount of adults that are willing to embrace this fast changing phase of technology.

To Go Online or Not?

Several surveys show that as people age, they have lesser interest in using social media. By the time they reach the age of eighty and above, the totality of social media users have significantly dropped. This said decrease is more than 50% in comparison to the overall count of adults who are still at the 60 years old media usage by age mansocial media usage by age surfing

Maybe it’s just fitting that there will be a significant decrease of social media users because of several factors. One of which is the physical boundaries that each user might encounter. Some might have a hard time typing, texting, messaging due to arthritis or any joint related pain. Another is that there is a possibility that they are now having certain eye problems that hinders them from seeing what they do.

Putting the negatives beside, it is a good thing to know that in each year that passes by, there are still more willing “seniors” wanting to use social media and the internet. According to a certain study, from the year 2000 up to 2013 there has been a 59% increase in “seniors” who are going online. Although there is a significant difference against the amount of “adults” that are going online (86% increase), it is still not a bad number for the “seniors.”

The Most Famous Online Social Media Usage by Age 50 and Above

Facebook is probably the most used social media form by kids, teens, adults and even seniors. This is then followed by other applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Likendln and finally Twitter. Maybe one of the reason for this is because Facebook is not only user-friendly but also has everything you need to be socially active and interact with other people. Well, for me it is.

In addition, women on social media have a greater number as compared to men. But the male population are more interested and engaged in social messaging applications in contrast with women. This means that both men and women are willing to use social media but have different preferences.

This only goes to show that the tagged “seniors” of our population is very much able and knowledgeable enough to understand, maneuver and interact with other people using social medial means. There are just a few hindrances and “mind-thinking” that prevents them from doing so. Among these factors include the likes of:

  • They “think” that they will not benefit from it
  • The technology is too difficult for them to understand
  • They do not own any devices that can help them go online because….
  • They think it is not necessary

Overall Idea About Social social media usage by age manMedia and the Age 50+ Population

I want you to know that we are not as old as we think we are. We more that capable to adapt to these new innovations that the young ones have already mastered. Sure it would be a bit difficult for use to understand as compared to our younger counterparts, but it is still media usage by age man

Social Media usage by age 50 and above is very necessary especially now that communication and interaction with other people happens mostly online. It does not only offer fast access and seamless service, but it can bridge the gap between you and your loved ones no matter how far they are from you.

We are at the age where we are coined as the “baby boomers” of our generation. We can do it if we just put our best effort and commitment to it. We just need to accept that this particular change in our lives are useful, necessary and beneficial for everyone, including us so called “seniors.”

Anti-Aging Tricks that Can Help You Be as Young as You Can Be

Aging gracefully is a choice that you can decide on during the earlier years of your lives. There are natural ways to achieve that anti-aging effect that we all yearn to have. Just make sure you do it before you reach the 60 year old mark.

The best method that you can use when you want to have that anti-aging influence is to do it all natural. No medications, no pills, no power drinks and definitely no surgeries. Here are some pointers I can share with you.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated All The Timerehydrate yourself

Having adequate fluid intake daily goes a really long way. It helps rejuvenate your skin and at the same time help replenish your cells. It also aids in proper digestion and blood circulation. Drink eight to ten glasses or even more each day.

Eat Healthy

As the saying goes “eat what you want to become.” Start eating healthy and begin to make it your daily routine. Add more vegetables, fruits and dairy to your menu. Eat in small amount but more frequently so that you can properly digest what you eat.

Live A Clean and Healthy Life

Stop your vices while you are still young. Help your body be healthy and stay healthy. Do not make any action that can aggravate your health condition. Stop smoking, drink occasionally and avoid unhealthy food.

Take Care of Your Skin

It is inevitable to have your skin become saggy and dry as you age. You can take care of you skin by applying natural, all-organic creams. Some of these items include moisturizers, lotions, sun blocks and the likes.

Exercise Everyday

Burn your fats the old fashioned way by doing a routine exercise for at least 15 to thirty minutes a day. This will help your body stay fit and healthy as you age. Having adequate exercise can prepare your body to handle age related illnesses and sickness and prevent them from happening.

If you are just starting your exercise routine, you have to start slow and with minimal activities. Don’t force yourself to finish a 30 minute routine at the expense of your safety. You can ask help form a professional instructor for the best exercise regimen for you and will be safe to perform at your age.

Keep A Young and Youthful Outlook

Keep a youthful well-being and viewpoint in life. This type of perception will radiate and reflect towards your physical appearance. Be forever young. As the saying goes “age is just a number.”

Surround Yourself With Good Company

What better way to feel youthful and happy that by surrounding yourself with people who make you smile, laugh and feel good about yourself. Avoid people to drag you down because of their negativity. Make it a point to surround yourself with loving, caring and happy company.

Spend Time With Young Peoplesurround yourself with kids

A child’s positivity and energy can be very infectious, in a good way. Play with your grandkids, nieces and nephews as much as you can. Soak up and enjoy their childlike persona and indulge in the youthful atmosphere that they give off.

Spending time with young kids and playing with them is another good source of exercise as well. At the same time, you get to bond with them while doing it. It’s like hitting a total of three birds with one stone if you ask me.

Pursue and Continue Your Passion

Your passion can be a stress reliever for your everyday lives. When you do what you love, you feel all good inside. Your heart seems to be full of pride and accomplishment with every project you materialize and finish.

Having this kind of fulfillment will release certain hormones that can help in cell regeneration. This will make your body feel even healthier and younger. Continue what you love to do and take time to enjoy it.

Have A Positive Vibe and Always Wear A SMILE

Keeping a smile on your face will not only help your physical appearance but your emotional and social perception as well. Keeping all of these factors in a constant positive ambiance will be a very effective anti-aging treatment.

Remember, smiling uses a total of 26 muscles to make. Exercise those facial muscles so they will stay firm and strong as you grow older. It will also give you a positive and happy vibe which can be contagious to other people in a good way.

There is no shortcut to aging gracefully, but these anti-aging tips can be used by anyone. Just make sure to smile, have fun and keep a positive feel all day long. Aging is literally based on your perception of it. If you think that aging means getting old and ugly, then you are what you think you will be. Think young, stay young.

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Dating After a Divorce at Age 50 – How to Start Over After Your Divorce

It’s hard to get up on your own two feet after being with someone for so long. Now you have to start everything all Dating After a Divorce at Age 50 Dineover again. But this time around, you are not as young or as outgoing as you used to. Your once naïve and innocent outlook in life has turned into a mature and precautious demeanor.

One of the most nerve-racking and anxiety-pumping moment you will go through is dating after a divorce at age 50. Things are not hat they used to, so to speak. Everything about you has already changed and matured. This includes your physical appearance, mental understanding and emotional maturity. But it does not mean that you can’t do it.

Take a deep breath and take the second chance to find love once again. Yes, it seems terrifying at first, but that’s just your insecurities telling you “you’re not good enough.” Everyone deserves a second chance in love and that includes you. Don’t be afraid and let me give you some tips on dating.

Make Peace With Your Past and Leave Your Old Life Behind

Forgive yourself and your husband and forget the things that caused you and your husband to part ways. I know it is difficult but you cannot push into your future if you are held up by your past. If you keep all your pains, fears and heartaches bottled up, your past WILL haunt you.

Don’t Let Your Past Hold You Back

Having an unsuccessful marriage has nothing to do with what your possible future relationships might offer you. Don’t be scared in thinking that it will happen all over again. You are now more mature and experienced when it comes to love and relationships. Use those as your driving force and assurance.

Start Everything AnewDating After a Divorce at Age 50 haircut

Starting all over again and dating after a divorce at 50 is the best way to start your new found single life. Change your hair, your fashion style, your phone number and most importantly, change your attitude. Instead of being scared of a new commitment, be open and positive about it.

Don’t Mention Your Ex

We sometimes have the so called “slip of the tongue” and talk about our Ex whether with friends or even on a date with a new man. Avoid conversations that start with “My ex-husband used to do that” or “You know, you talk like my ex-husband.” That’s a red flag my dear, so avoid it at all cost.

Don’t Let Emotions Get the Best of You

There are many fishes in the sea. Before you decide to become serious with a new man, date other people first. Don’t make dating an excuse for you to have a rebound relationship. Remember, you are starting over your new life in a mature and adult like manner.

Try New Things

Explore the other side of you that you never knew you had. Try out new things like sports, dancing, yoga and many more. Do not single yourself out to only the things you know what to do. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the new you.

Don’t Make Your New Partner Pay for the Wrongdoings of Your Ex

Never, ever, EVER compare your new relationship with your old one. Most importantly, do not compare your new partner with your old one. If he commits a flaw that your ex-husband does, don’t go off telling him “You’re just like him.”

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Be open-minded to the men you want to date. Don’t let your first impressions towards them ruin the potential positive relationship they might give you.

Enjoy Every Moment

Have fun!! This is your rebirth as the new you. Enjoy it to the fullest. Make the most out of every experience you will have, be it good or bad.


Don’t let fear hold you back. Take this second chance and grab it. Use it to your advantage and make the most out of it. Live, laugh and love all over again and this time, be more mature about it.

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Aches and Pains at 50 – How to Ease Your Body Pains as You Age

As we age, our bodies won’t be the same as they used during our prime years. Each and every one of us will sooner or later encounter our bodies slowly weaken and become more fragile. Rest assured that you can help prevent and treat these pains away using simple methods.

Aches and pains at 50 is a common phase that we have to prepare for as early as possible. These said pains are felt by each one of us, that’s for certain. The only difference is its gravity and intensity. Here are some of the most common health issues that you may encounter as you reach your 50’s.

Back Pain

Back pains are the most common issue that adults have complained about. Usually, the pain radiates around your lower back. One of the reasons for this can be due to prolonged sitting. This causes pressure to build up on your spinal disks. Another is due to Arthritis and other bone, muscle and vein issues.

Cure for the Painexercise at 50

  • Exercise and lots of exercise. But remember to start slow and don’t rush it. Of course, ask your physician first about the physical capacity that you can handle and the limitation of exercise for your condition. Exercising will let your body increase blood flow, strengthen your core muscles and reduce your spinal pressure.
  • Physical therapy is recommended for those who have a much more complex back pain. This option will be suggested by your physician. You therapist will help you create an exercise routine that will aid you in moving and alleviating your back pain.
  • Medications can also be an accompaniment of exercise. Pain killers can be used if your back pain would happen to act up a tad more painful than the usual.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are very common as you get older. But you need to differentiate headaches from migraine attacks. headache common painsHeadaches are usually unaccompanied by any other unwanted byproducts. On the other hand, a migraine attack is usually paired up by vomiting, nausea and is caused by a trigger factor.

Cure for the Pain

  • For headaches, massaging the affected area is a good solution. You can also use messaging cream with menthol flavor to provide added comfort. You can massage your head all the way up to the back of your neck.
  • Migraines are more complicated and can be alleviated by medications. Ask your physician for the right drug for you pain.
  • If you figure out your “trigger” for your migraine, try your best to avoid it. Some common trigger factors are stress, dehydration, chocolates, coffee and many others. It is good to keep a note of each trigger as well.


This is a condition wherein the cartilages that protects your joints give in and break down. This causes joint pains most especially on the hands, arms, feet, knees and legs. This condition is common for those who have experienced either a sport related injury or other previous heavy, physical activities.

Cure for the Pain

  • Keep a healthy physical activity every day. Exercise is one good way to keep your body in tune and fit. Try to do at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Cold and warm compress application can also help in alleviating the pain. Just remember to use warm compress if you experience stiff joint pains. For swollen joints, you must use a cold compress instead.
  • Medications can also be taken as long as your physician recommends and prescribes it.

These are just some of the possible aches and pains at 50. As you can see, the best advice for preventing these instances is to have a healthy, active and fit lifestyle. Make exercising a daily habit and do your best to commit to it.

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Can I Retire At 50 and Collect Social Security? – A Guide To Retirement and Social Security

A lot of people especially the pre- and early retirees ask largely the question: “Can I retire at 50 and collect Social Security?” – Apparently, there are quite a lot of answers to that. It can be a yes and no depending on several situation and factors.

Although most people nowadays aim forCan I retire at 50 and collect Social Security an early retirement and may appear as if they are living their lives to fullest, some still do not comprehend the much bigger picture when it comes to Social Security and pensions.

If you yourself ask of the same question, this guide will assist you in knowing facts and details to collecting Social Security and retirement. Notably, if you are planning to retire very soon – this article may give you a thorough look and understanding on benefits.

So, Can I Retire at 50 and Collect Social Security?

As mentioned, there can be two answers to this question – yes and no.

Yes, you can collect your Social Security benefits when you retired at 50 if (and only if) you are currently considered as disabled. Many people today who eventually retires at 50 or before 60 due to disability and health concerns. Hence, these people are eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance.

It is important to note that not all people with disability are approved for this kind of benefit. There are still standards and requirements to be met first before you could fully receive and start your benefits at an early retirement.

Therefore, if you are not retiring at 50 due to disability or health condition then you are not allowed to collect your Social Security benefits. There are actually strict standards regarding the collection of benefits.

Then, When Can I Retire and Collect Social Security?

By and large, you may retire anytime you want and that is up to you as long as you can provide for yourself. However, if you are very much concern with the benefits that you can get from your Social Security then there is actually an appropriate age for this.

In the recent times, 62 is the age required before you can start accessing and collecting your Social Security benefits. Although you can retire earlier than this age, you have to note that there may be deductions on your monthly collections of benefits once you started accessing it.

Generally, it is always advisable for you to delay your collection of benefits. When you delay your collection, say you are to get it on your 70th – you will be receiving additional benefits and certainly, your monthly collection will be much larger than the regular.

With these things at hand, you will know for sure that there are quite a lot of factors affecting the Social Security benefits. While you can start collecting your benefits as early as 62, there is an exception for windows and widowers.

60 – The Minimum Age To Retire and Collect Social Security for Widows and Widowers

In actuality, this is the earliest age wherein one could start and begin Social Security benefits. Widows and widowers could access their retirement benefits as early as 60. Although they have the option to delay it as well for a much larger collection value, it will all still be dependent on their personal preferences.

The same principle of delay in benefits applies for widows and widowers. They will receive a much larger value of retirement benefit if they will plan to start it on their 70th.

Hence, if you really want to retire early, just make sure that you will be looking for another source of income. Without doing so, it can reduce your retirement benefits generally when the right time comes that you can already access it.

Top 5 Best Places To Retire in Virginia – A Quick Look on Ideal Towns and Cities to Retire


In choosing the best places to retire in Virginia (or in any part of the world, actually) depend apparently on several factors. These factors usually include mostly of finances and cost of living, security and safety, climate, healthcare, and recreational activities.

Now, the state of Virginia always comes out and tops the list becauseBest places to retire in Virginia it usually satisfies these factors. As a result, many seniors and retirees are really looking forward to locate the best and most appropriate locations to retire in the said state.

If you are already planning your retirement and looking for the best place to settle in during these years, here’s a quick look on the ideal towns and cities of Virginia.

5 Best Places To Retire In Virginia Today

  1. Virginia Beach

Looking for a beachfront house? Virginia Beach is perfect spot for this kind of want and preference. Although Virginia Beach has a median home value rated at $228,900 which is slightly higher than the local’s average, the city offers great houses and spots. You could do a lot of outdoor activities and enjoy many cultural and historical-related events.

Alongside the activities and festivities, the city of Virginia Beach takes pride in its shopping stores and markets. This is a great and ideal city to retire to especially if you very much enjoy being close to beaches.

  1. Richmond

According to Bloomberg Business, Richmond is an ultimate place to spend your golden years. The city has a lot to offer other than the beauty and richness of culture. There is no shortage of activities in Richmond. In fact, you could spend your retiring years with a lot of musuems, theater, opera, and ballet houses around you in this area.

Furthermore, it placed as the second most affordable city to retire to in the recent times.

  1. Charlottesville

While Charlottesville has a slightly higher cost of living than the local’s average, this small city in Central Virginia is being highly recognized by many groups and associations. Apparently, this is one of the many small cities of Virginia that are being regarded as ideal towns and cities to retire to.

Aside from the beauty and history of the city, Charlottesville has a very excellent healthcare system. Moreover, retirees and golden-aged people could easily access hiking and mountain climbing activities. Shops and stores in this city is also plenty in count.

  1. Newport News

Good healthcare and very low crime rates are actually the main factors why Newport News has become one of the most desirable cities to retire in. The city in fact belongs to the larger cities of Virginia which results to having a diverse option for neighborhood and activities.

Similar to Virginia Beach, Newport News offers a lot of outdoor activities and events that you could enjoy on your golden years. The cost of living in this city is very much decent yet affordable which makes the city up for as one of the best places to retire in Virginia.

  1. Blacksburg

By and large, Blacksburg has become one of the most wanted destinations to retire in the recent times. In 2014, the city was named by Forbes as the nation’s number 1 place to retire (1). One of the many reasons behind is that this town caters a cost of living that is 7% below the nation’s average.

With this at hand, the houses and lifestyle is very much affordable. In addition, a lot of activities can be done in this town without worrying the safety due to low crime rates.

In Totality

These are only some of the best places in Virginia that you can choose to retire to. Although there are quite a lot more, these 5 most ideal cities and locations have the perfect spots and amenities that could largely satisfy your wants and needs on your retiring years.

The Best Places To Retire Near Water Around The World

Choosing the best places to retire near water area is one of the greatest dreams of every pre-retirees and seniors nowadays. Not only that they can experience the breeze of the ocean but also they can enjoy their remaining years feeling the sunrises, sunsets, and fun activities that any coastal town can offer.

However, many retirees knew that retiring to a coastal town may Best Places To Retire Near Waterentails cost. Accordingly, these costs are very much high and expensive which can apparently drain their savings. Fortunately, there are actually great coastal towns around the world that are not out-of-reach.

These places are not only affordable but also very much ideal to every senior living on their retirement years.

The Best Places To Retire Near Water In The United States


• Decatur, Alabama
By and large, this specific town offers great spots for many retirees and seniors. Decatur takes great pride of their very-own Tennesee River. Moreover, people who intend to retire in this coastal town of Decatur have a lot of options when it comes to recreational activities that can be done in the river.

More often than not, fishing is the top outdoor activity of many older people in this location. Another factor why Decatur has become a very ideal place to retire to is that the cost of living is just in the range of the National average. Furthermore, people over 65 can enjoy great benefits from the tax system.

• Hot Springs, Arkansas
Another great destination to settle in for your retirement is located in Arkansas. The city of Hot Springs apparently is largely the most ideal coastal town to retire to due to the 47 hot springs that the city caters.

Retirees can actually enjoy and relax just by stepping out of their homes because the city is surrounded by these springs. In addition, the town offers a lot of spa and massage services that are very much anticipated by many older people. (1)

As for the housing and health care, you don’t need to worry since the fees and rates are cheap and below the national average. The same principle applies to the median home prices in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

• Punta Gorda, Florida
In actuality, Florida is filled with a lot of best places and towns to settle down to. The state is apparently full of prominent destinations that every retiree would really love to live in. Now, Punta Gorda places the top position due to its climate, tax system, and amenities.

Not only that retired ones can enjoy the scenery and views of the coastal town but they are as well very much prioritized in this town. Half of the residents in Punta Gorda are actually aged 65 and older (2). Also, there are quite a lot of senior and over 50 communities that are well intended for the welfare of the older generation.

Most Ideal Coastal Towns Outside The US

• El Nido, Philippines
Aside from the fact that the cost of living in the Philippines is largely cheap and affordable, this country offers a lot of best places to retire near water. Being situated in the South East Asia, it consists of 7,641 islands.

Now, El Nido Palawan is one of the dreamy destinations in the country. The city has a lot of fine beaches and clear waters but the views and scenery in the location are the ones that really attract many retirees and seniors (3). It is apparently rated as one of the world’s wonders of today due to the beauty it caters to everyone.

• Playas, Equador
Playas is apparently situated near the Gulf of Guayaquil. Being in that position, the location experiences warm and calm water all year round. It also takes pride of its close-to-a-year of sunshine which caters more beauty and attraction to many pre-retirees and older people.

The beaches around the area are very accesible to the residents though there are other beaches as well that requires long drives (4). Playas is considered to be a low-key place to retire to but certainly a lot has already moved to the area.

Similarly, the cost of living is also affordable which offers a median home price starting at $139,000 for a beachfront residential area.

• Algarve, Portugal
Generally, Algarve in Portugal is home to over 100,000 of foreign retirees in the recent times. The location has a lot to offer aside from it crystal-clear waters. Many retirees in the area greatly enjoy the weather, community, affordability, and unlimited opportunities (5).

As for the cost of living, Portugal is actually one of the European countries that have a very affordable way of lifestyle. A retired couple could naturally and comfortably live on a $1,500 budget monthly. With that being said, a monthly budget of more than the said amount could largely live a very luxurious lifestyle in Algarve.

10 Best Places to Retire in California On A Budget 2017

California is like a gem. The state offers a lot of beautiful places and spots where most retirees could enjoy. This is only one of the many reasons why people nowadays dream of the best places to retire in California. However, aside from the wonders that it cater to most seniors and retirees, living in California is quite an out-of-the-budget condition.

With that being said, the state’s cost Best places to retire in Californiaof living is apparently more than twice as high as the national average in the recent times(1). That is why many financial advisers today imply that the Golden State may be out of reach for many retirees and seniors. Little did everyone know that there actually areas that are yet to be discovered which are very much affordable.

Hence, these are the best places in California that you may want to check for your retirement.

The 10 Best Places To Retire In California On A Budget

  1. San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is actually a beach town likened to Santa Barbara Monterey but situated in the Central Coast of California. Many find this location a very nice and cozy town to settle down for their retiring years. While many beach towns have a median home price that can range from millions of dollars, the median cost of a home in San Luis Obispo is $630,000 considering what the town could offer.

Alongside the affordable price the town caters, there are actually a lot more to offer including all the festivities, markets, stores, and shops.

  1. Eureka

Now, Eureka is considered to be one of the best places to retire in California due to its underpopulated and unpolluted surrounding. Aside from these things, the said town experiences no traffic at all in any day or time. A lot of retirees are actually considering this place to be one of the most ideal places to retire to.

Another factor to add is that the median home price in this locality is around $200,000 which is actually a very affordable cost for many retirees. A lot of homes in the said area are a great contribution to the overall beauty of the town because of its structures and architecture types.

  1. Palm Springs

Similarly, the same applies for Palm Springs due to its desert-like appearance and weather. The town is actually listed as CNN’s top 25 places to retire in the United States (2). As for the housing, it is very much affordable for the median house pricing in this area is around $250,000.

Retirees would pretty much love the town because of what it can cater. People could actually enjoy a lot of activities around including golf. By and large, these are only some of the reasons why Palm Springs is considered to be a magnet for retirees.

  1. Grass Valley

If you are looking for a place wherein you could experience a mild four seasons then Grass Valley can be your place for retirement. Aside from the mild weather in the area, you could as well enjoy the wonderful views of the mountains. In addition, you could afford the lifestyle in this location since the median house price is about $270,000 in totality.

Although the crime rate in the said area is continuously increasing over the time, safety in the town is very much a priority of the people.

  1. Redding

Active seniors and retirees actually opt more to head and settle in Redding. Not only that town offers a great deal and value of housing prices and costs, Redding also caters a lot of programs and activities especially for people over 50(3).

While the town experiences a mild hot during the summer periods, retirees could fully enjoy the weather with all of the activities including horse back riding. In addition, there are two large efficient health centers within the vicinity which is a great resource for seniors.

  1. Oceanside

Correspondingly, Oceanside is somewhat likened to Redding because of the activities that are well-intended for seniors and retirees. The town also caters communities and organizations that are projected for people with ages 50 and above.

The real estate in Oceanside is affordable as well with a price starting at $380,000 considering the beauty and wonders of the town. Although the crime rate in the city is higher than the average, many retirees still enjoy to settle here due to its beaches, activities, and festivities all throughout the year.

  1. Chico

Chico is one of the best places to retire in California since the population is comprised of the elderly ones by a quarter of the total. Evidently, it only goes to show that older people tend to enjoy what Chico is offering. One possible reason behind is that the cost of living in the area is very much affordable. The housing median price is rated at $250,000 in general.

Moreover, Chico has a lot of health clinics and one excellent hospital to cater seniors and retirees.  Alongside the health and wellness concerns, there are actually a lot of activities you could do within the vicinity of the town.

  1. Rio Vista

Rio Vista is a small town with only 8,000 of population in its entirety. Many retirees and seniors see this town to be one of the best places to settle down in their remaining years. One reason behind is that the town celebrates yearly its Bass Derby and Festival which made Rio Vista popular.

Alongside the annual festivities, older people who loves outdoor leisure interests are very much welcome here since a lot of activities are offered in Rio Vista. Furthermore, the cost of living in this town is below that state’s average which results to the median house price of $241,000 in totality.

  1. Lake County

Lake County is a safe haven for over 64,000 people. While the name of the town is borrowed from the Clear Lake that is within the vicinity of the area, it is the main geographic feature of the town(4). A lot of seniors and retired ones apparently inhabit the said town not only because of what the town could offer but also because the cost of living in Lake County is in line with the National Average.

The median price of the housing sector is rated at $143,000 which is a very great value for almost all of the retired ones who wish to retire in California.

  1. Kings County

As for Kings County, this town is situated in the central area of the state. Although there are only a few scenery alone within the area, seniors and retirees take the county as an ideal place to retire to. The median house price is around $120,000 enabling many retired ones to obtain their dream houses(5).

The crime rate in the town is not that bad as well since safety is very much a factor why many older ones choose to settle in Kings County today.

How To Start a New Career at 50 – A Quick Guide

The thought of changing careers is quite daunting and challenging especially if you are 50 and above. Although you are pretty much on the verge of deciding whether having a new career is the more adequate option as of the time being, there are just some things you cannot fully grasp which cater you worries and doubts in doing so.

Where to begin - Career at 50

Say, you are 50 or already on the pre retiring age bracket and you are no longer enjoying your current job or career. Certainly, you always think of why not change careers and make the most out of your remaining years, right? This kind of situation usually happens to most people with ages 50 and above. However, some just tend to stay with what they have as of the moment because they do not know where to begin and how to start.

In point of fact, one of the most important and essential factors you must consider in changing careers is the “how” then consequently comes the “what” – so, how to start a new career at 50?

­­#1 Planning is the key!

 Whenever you execute something out of your desires and interests, usually you plan things beforehand. Apparently, the same principle applies to starting a new career in your 50s – you prepare and plan.

When you have decided already that you will start your new venture soon enough, the very first thing you must take into account is to prepare. Having a general and specific plan of actions will allow you more convenience and efficiency in your new career track. Moreover, your plans will be the backbones of your new venture since these will be your main guides in landing and starting a new job or career.

#2 Determining skills and expertise

Now, once you have settled yourself with your plans of actions for starting a new career in your pre retiring age, you have to make sure that you very well know your skills and expertise. If you are still in the process of understanding fully your capabilities then listing it all down and trying to analyze your full potentials and traits will help you largely.

By and large, it will be much easier and more efficient on your end to land the most appropriate and suitable career or job once you have fully determined your skills and abilities. Try to take a few minutes or even hours in internalizing the things you can do especially the ones you are really good at and the ones that make you truly happy.

#3 Seeking support and guidance

While you have your plans as your guide in starting a new career generally, you still need to reach out and seek your most effective support groups. Support groups such as career coaches, colleagues, peers, and family will help and assist you significantly in your venture to start a new path. Although you are pretty much the headmaster and captain of your journey, seeking support and guidance from these people will allow you to decide properly and effectively.

It is important to note that you have to think outside the box and your comfort zones in making life-changing decisions. These people are actually the factors outside your inner box that make them good accessories of guidance, care, and assistance to your plans and ventures especially in your 50s.

#4 Knocking doors for opportunities

Accordingly, once you have listed and planned your actions – it is now time for you to seek for the available opportunities for you. Of course, you would have probably known where and what job to choose that largely helped you decide to change course and start a new one, in the first place. However, it is still important for you to look and still seek for the most suitable and appropriate opportunities out there.

In actuality, the range and variety of available opportunities in different industries and sectors is quite large and wide. A lot of employers and companies today greatly support and prefer more the older workers and employees.Using Laptop or IPad - Career over 50

Alongside the positions and opportunities available in the work force, there are significant opportunities as well in the business and entrepreneurial aspects of the society. Today, more and more pre retirees and retired ones prefer to found their own companies and start-ups since these have been found to be in great demand nowadays.

#5 Making it happen!

Looking for the right jobs and suitable careers in general entails a lot of patience, hard work, time, and effort. Similarly, the same is true for people over 50 who want to change paths and start new careers. It may appear as a very long and twisted path but with the right mind and determination, you will eventually and efficiently seek the most suitable career for you.

With the right preparation tools that largely include the specific ways mentioned above, you will land your next career in no time! Apparently, it will be much easier for you to start your new ventures when you have yourself prepared for everything that might come on your end. Once everything is all set and ready to take off, then there’s no better time than now to make it all happen!