About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs and qualified authors that strive to provide helpful information on how to build a home based business for people over 50. On this website you will learn how you can use your life experience to build a successful and sustainable business by using the internet.

Afraid of the technical stuff? Do not worry about it – Here is Why…

It has never been easier to interact with PC and internet than today. We will provide you with the basic knowledge and all the tools you need to start building your own online business.

About Oliver

Hi, I’m Oliver. I have started to build my online business in 2007. After pausing several years from about 2012 to 2016 and spending more time to my offline business and leisure. I’m back and eager to helping people build their own online business. If you asking yourself whether I am over 50, no I am not.

I’m very close to 40, but I know how I can help you to successfully build your own home based internet business. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer it as soon as possible. Simply leave me a coment below. If you want to get in touch with me personally via email please submit the following form. I’m happy to help, thank you.




P.S. If you sometimes find grammar errors in my articles on this website here and there, that’s for a reason. English is my second language and I’m coming in Germany. Grammar, culture, or even language is not a general hindrance for building a business. If you join this first class free training you will learn a lot about the really important aspects like how to approach  things and take action.